Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is Sally and Beaujolais, and they are Two dogs on a boat. For the past five weekends the dogs and I have made the 4 hour drive up to the Lake where our boat is kept at a Marina.The dogs really seem to love the boat life. They have absolutely no problems maneuvering around the boat. We do have to take long walks to the beach 5 times a day for potty breaks, and so far there have been no accidents.
In the aft area I am trying to go for the Hemingway look on a budget. A little worldly. I have since bought and added a 4 shelf mini fridge back here. The tiny fridge in the galley is just too small, and I am sick to death of lugging ice and ice chests.
My husband got a promotion and command of another ship so he didn't get to stay home this summer as planned and work out all the kinks with this boat. So I was left the chore of dealing with the shifty boat dealership South Austin Marine and the lawyer who is filing suit against them for deceptive advertising, Deceptive trade practices etc. Nothing in life is honest and on the up and up anymore, You can't trust anyone especially big business.
In the meantime I have been decorating to my hearts content and learning the local area. I completed my Texas Boater Safety Course and received my certificate. I had tried to take power boating classes but there never seemed to be enough students to make the classes a go , so they were all cancelled. My husband will be back this week, so I will have the opportunity to learn from him. All the while I have been collecting my sea time, so once I am proficient at operating the boat I will have all my ducks in row to get my 100 ton Masters Licence. It is not something necessary for ownership of this type of boat but its something I have wanted to do for self fulfillment.
This is my little galley, where aside from the microwave no cooking has been done. I brought an electric pressure cooker on board as I read somewhere they were good for one pot fast cooking on boats with limited space. Truthfully I still don't know if the stove works, I haven't had the chance to turn it on.

This is the master bed as you can see Two dogs have already homesteaded it.
This is the dining table. Much to my husbands dismay, Yes! I did hang a chandelier above the table.
Every weekend when I go up I stop and buy flowers. It just seems to add that little bit of peaceful ambiance I am looking for.

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