Friday, July 5, 2013


I wanted to get a cheapo beater boat that we could have fun with but not spend alot of money. We tried that last year and it was a lemon. My husband says he would rather carry on an ice chest than a tool chest so he looked long and hard and found this baby.

This time next week we will be picking up our new boat.

I have spent the last week diligently ordering linens and incidentals for it. I want it to be beautiful, a show piece on the water. My husband has been ordering man stuff like a BBQ for the deck.

I already have romantic visions of moonlit sails and romantic dinners, sleeping under the stars and being rocked to sleep by gentle waves. This is really a romantic dream since I am prone to horrible sea sickness even with Dramamine. So I hope and pray the tranquility of the lake and I will get along.

My husband and I love our dogs. They are our children. So he went out of his way to make sure the boat would be easily doggy accessible. He is even ordering a doggy dock for it. One thing about our dogs is they want to be with us all the time and we like them being with us.

We spend alot of our holiday time in this area and often cant bring the dogs because hotels wont allow them. This will be like our floating home away from home.

I already have on my agenda to have the boat blessed by the local priest, and have a full on Christening ceremony for her.

Since my husband got to pick the boat, I got to pick the name. I chose "AVE MARIS STELLA" which is Latin for "Hail Mary Star of the sea". I chose this because my husband is a Sea Captain and I pray the rosary for his safety always, when we married I had the opera singer , sing both the Ave Maria and the Ave Maris Stella. I think it is a beautiful prayer.

I am already thinking good thoughts about all the happy times we will have here.

Now my husband better get the lead out and get us dock space.

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