Sunday, November 16, 2014


 The dogs and I have spent over 100 days on the boat so far this year. We spent 3 weeks in September on the boat. We will be on the boat for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. My husband laughs that I actually have a log book and log mine and the dogs sea time in it.

 Sally just being Sally
 Nothing makes me as happy as seeing these 3 welcoming me on board.
 Just before a storm came thru the wind picked up. Poor Pierrot was getting blown away.
Beaujolais watching the storm coming thru.
I have changed the name of the blog from Two dogs on a boat to Three Dogs on a boat with the addition of Pierrot to Our family.
Pierrot came to live with us in May 2014. He is a PooChi ( teacup poodle and long haired Chihuahua). He is only about 3 pounds and has turned out to be quite the water dog. He loves swimming and he loves the boat. He is about 8 months old now.
Sally is 7 years old and a Golden Retriever. She is a very loving and nurturing dog. She loves the water.
Beaujolais is 7 years old and a Texas sized Malti Poo. She loves the boat because she gets to be with Mama 24/7 when we are on it. She is definitely my baby. She does not like getting her hair wet. She likes her life jacket and intertube so she never really has to get in the water.

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